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Services: Pre-Employment Screening

We offer pre employment screening services that allow you and your company peace of mind knowing that your new hire is the right person for the job. Your best way to safeguard you or your company's investment.

  • Accurate Reporting - We only report criminal record information that has been verified as accurate, current, complete, and up to date in compliance with federal law. Quality assurance is paramount for your own protection!
  • Clear Background Reports - Clear and easy to understand reports, search is flagged when adverse information is reported, and FCRA Summary of Consumer Rights attached to all reports.

Features of our Reports:

  • Detailed Location Information - Current address information, historical address information, date of birth, social security numbers, telephone numbers both past and present.
  • Summary of Assets - Driver's licenses, professional licenses, real estate properties, vehicles, cross reference of names and associates by home address and street listings.
  • Business Comprehensive Reports - Linkage to national and state databases for additional information on assets, vehicles, real-time telephone listings, trademarks, and licenses under the suspect's real or corporate record name located in any state or jurisdiction.
  • Specific reports on liens, judgements, and bankruptcies, DEA controlled substance licenses, Employer Identification Numbers (FEIN) (when available), Death Filings, Aircraft & Pilot's licenses, Marriage information, money transmitters, securities dealers, sexual predators, tangible property, unclaimed property, concealed weapon permits, worker compensation, divorces and specific telephone listings.
  • Information may be targeted for a specific state or random search across the country.

Employer / Workplace Facts:

  • Up to 30% of applications contain false material or information.
  • 45% of potential employees have either a criminal record, bad driving record, worker's compensation claim or a bad credit history.
  • Employers lose 72% of all negligent hiring suits.
  • Approximately 2 Million workers are victims of violent crimes while working/on duty annually, costing employers $4.2 billion.
  • Workplace theft tops out at more than $120 billion annually.
  • 6.9% of the Drug Tests conducted were positive.