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Services: Manual Translations

Experienced American Translator Association (ATA) certified translators are available to fulfill all of your business literature requirements in your specific target market. We are accustomed to handling the urgent and substantial volume often generated by litigation, and do our best to satisfy your delivery timetable.

We service over 40 different languages, both in written form by our translators, or spoken form by our interpreters. Should you require our services, please let us know which language you are interested and whether a translator or interpreter is your requirement.

Useful Facts:

  • A common misconception is that there exists a simple word-for-word correspondence between any two languages, and that translation is a straightforward mechanical process. A word-for-word translation does not take into account context, grammar, conventions, and idioms. Clients must take into account constraints that include context, the rules of grammar of the two languages, their writing conventions, and their idioms.
  • With the advent of computers, attempts have been made to computerize or otherwise automate the translation of natural-language texts (machine translation) or to use computers as an aid to translation. These translation tools can be limited since they only have a limited understanding of the original author's intent or context. As a result, translated pages tend to be more humorous and confusing rather than useful.