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Database: What are Tables?

Tables are at the heart of databases. They are the things that actually hold the data. A relational database consists of a number of tables, for example you may have a database containing information about all your family and friends so that you can quickly find telephone numbers, addresses, birthdays, etc.

Let’s say that some of these contacts are yours, some of them are your partners and some of them are friends of you both. In this case you might want to produce a list of just your contacts or a list of those contacts that are either your friends or friends of you both.

The tables that this database would contain could be as follows:

  • Contacts (All the name, address, phone number, etc. information)
  • Owners (Either you or your partner)
  • Category (Family or Friend)

The tables are joined to each other by Relationships so that information from more than one table can be viewed simultaneously.