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Web Design: What is Secure Shopping?
Secure shopping is the most important part of any e-commerce store, without an Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection to your site, you are putting your customers data and your companies credibility at risk. If your accepting credit cards without taking as much care as possible you also run the risk of having your merchant account withdrawn.

You must also make sure that it is from a company that is the "trusted" zone by the major browser manufacturers. The reason for this is that whilst a secure server protects the data, a great big popup appears when customer try to connect and says "warning this site is not trusted, the data you are submitting can not be viewed by third parties" or words to that effect. It seems that microsoft chose the words carefully when it reports this message, but the fact is that most surfers see this as a serious security message and will not complete the sale. Trusted secure servers that will not cause this problem are available from: