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Translations: Why does my large translation project take so long? Can't you just add more translators?

There is more to managing a large translation project than splitting it up among a number of translators. The entire project must be carefully coordinated prior to assigning portions of it to different translators, glossaries and style sheets must be prepared to make sure that what was called a "screw" on page 4 is not called a "bolt" on page 325, or 2" are not converted to 51 mm in Section 2 and to 5.08 cm in Section 9. Upon completion of the project, the entire text must be carefully proofread and edited for consistency of terminology, style, and format, placement of graphics and captions, not to mention completeness and accuracy. Similar considerations apply to multilingual projects. Specialized "translation memory" software can make this process easier and more reliable by automating some steps, but (especially for the first project for a given customer) the old saying still applies: "Haste makes waste."