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Translations: How is the cost of a translation calculated?

In the United States translations are normally charged for by the word. While this practice may vary somewhat between one service provider and another, final charges are usually based on the computer word count of the finished translation. If a firm quote is required prior to the start of the translation work, the "target" word count is estimated from the "source" word count using expansion or contraction factors based on the translation provider's experience. The per-word rate normally depends on the language combination (translations into and from Chinese, Japanese, and languages of limited diffusion cost more than translations involving the major European languages), the degree of technical difficulty, formatting requirements, and deadlines. "For publication" quality usually commands a premium for the extra proofreading and editing steps involved. Advertising and other special translations are often charged on a per-job basis. Editing-proofreading and some other translation-related jobs may be charged on a per-hour basis.