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Phone: 561-625-6300
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Services: Web Design / Development

We offer website design & development for our customers, which can encompass a simple corporate presence to a high-end e-commerce shopping cart website with search engine enhancements. We can also promote your site by marketing and advertising online and in print.

Content Management System (CMS)

As you think about the possibilities of your website, keep in mind the ever-changing information about your business or organization. Upcoming events, press releases, personnel and sponsors are some examples of content that you should regularly update on your website. A CMS, which comes standard on all websites developed by us, provides you with an easy way to maintain your website without needing knowledge of web design or HTML.

If you have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, you can effortlessly maintain your own website. The update interface contains all of the common text formatting tools and layout options in Word to get your site looking exactly the way you want. After you complete your changes, simply click a save icon and your content will update immediately. If you would like to know more information about the design process, please visit our Design Process page.

What Else Can I Do?

In addition to being able to easily manage standard content within your website, additional support for custom applications comes standard. Great sites have plenty of content to keep their users happy in addition to providing search engines with as much information as possible. We encourage you to put as much useful content as you like and we will install and customize any of the following components at no additional charge:

· User Registration / Login System

  • Create a unique ID and password for an unlimited amount of people. Visitors may also register and enter any required fields decided by you.

· Banner Advertisements / Google AdWords

  • Place banner advertisements (including Google AdWords) on your site with a module that will allow you to monitor impressions and click-through rates.

· Event Calendar & Registration & Payments

  • Add a graphical or list-style calendar to your website with the ability to register people and process payments.

· Community Forum

  • A forum allows visitors to your website to create and reply to messages posted on your website.

· Guestbook

  • Allow your visitors to compliment your site and post messages for all to see!

· Visitor Polls

  • Post a question with a list of answers for your visitors to vote on (ie: Whats your favorite color? Answers: Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, etc…)

· Recommend Link

  • Add a function to your website that allows your visitors to e-mail any page to a friend’s e-mail address.

· Users Online

  • Display how many users are currently using your website (real-time).

· News Article / FAQ / Website Link Monitoring

  • Your website will keep track of the “hits” to any news article, frequently asked question or outside website link. (This is useful for researching what your visitors are interested in the most).

· Online Donations / Client Payments

  • Accept Donations or monthly client payments via Paypal (a free payment processor) or merchant account system.

· Photo Galleries

  • Display photos from events, workshops, occasions, etc…

· RSS Feeds

  • An RSS Feed is a page which displays a list of up-to-date website items (ie: News Archive). Your visitors can implement code on their website that will allow them to display your current information on their website.

· Business Directory

  • Add the ability for users to add their business to a categorized business directory. You may enable/disable logos, website links and more.


 Search Engine Optimization:

Also a critical step for any website is making its presence well-known. When search engines “crawl” your website, you want to be sure they assimilate the appropriate data. We provide custom SEO as well as integrate that system into your website’s CMS. This means that you will be able to easily control what keywords and title text the search engines index. Since the list of search engine enhancements is quite big, here’s a short list of enhancements our software provides:

  • Rewrite URLs to be Search Engine Friendly & Human Understandable (will use the Content Title in URL)
  • Editable META tags for any URL / Page in your CMS
  • Customizable 404 Pages
  • Handles 301 Redirects