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Services: Database Management

A database is a structured collection of records or data. A computer database relies upon software to organize the storage of data. A database management system is a computer program that manages a database, a large set of structured data, and runs operations on the data requested by numerous users. Typical examples of use include accounting, human resources and customer support systems. Global Publishing Network, Inc. offer a safe and reliable way to keep your customized applications functioning properly. Preventive maintenance and proper organization are key elements to the overall performance of your business. We develop custom database systems in the following software packages to match your specific corporate needs.


A customer relationship management (CRM) software application which is used to keep track of client and prospect details in a single database that can be shared by multiple users. It integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook (as well as other software) to generate and track communications with the contacts maintained in ACT!. It is distributed by The Sage Group and has a user base of over 2.7 million registered users, and more than 41,000 corporate customers.

Microsoft Access

Access is used by small businesses, within departments of large corporations, and by hobby programmers to create ad hoc customized desktop systems for handling the creation and manipulation of data. Access allows relatively quick development because all database tables, queries, forms, and reports are stored in the database. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows users to create queries without knowledge of the SQL programming language.

Filemaker Pro

A cross-platform database application from FileMaker Inc. (a subsidiary of Apple Inc.), known for its combination of power and ease of use. It is also noted for the integration of the database engine with its GUI-based interface, which allows users to modify the database by dragging new elements into the layouts/screens/forms that provide the user interface. A defining characteristic of FileMaker is that the database engine is integrated with the forms (screen, layouts, reports etc) used to access it. Most database systems separate these tasks, concerning themselves primarily with organization and storage of the data.

4th Dimension

One of the more popular uses of 4D is as a web server. Having the web server and a compiled application running as one gives developers the ability to create some very fast web sites with a high level of adaptability. 4D is published by the French company 4D SAS.